Training School A

From 23 August to 30 August 2019 the BestTreat Training School took place. Training was divided into three sections and took place in 3 locations.
ESRs started in Vienna (A). The 2 day training was run by our partner Biofaction. The ESRs learned about science communication and trained their presentation skills. The overarching scientific theme of the session was research ethics. From Vienna the students travelled to Berlin (D), where HKI organised a session on Gender & Equality. The final stop was Jena (D). Here ESRs learned more about bioinformatics analysis of the microbiome. The session was organised by the Systems Biology and Bioinformatics group at HKI.
In Berlin the BestTreat PIs joined for our General Meeting to discuss the project progression.

Kick Off Meeting

On 1 April the BestTreat consortium and the newly recruited ESRs came together for the first time in Berlin. This was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and to discuss the work planed in the Work packages. We had great support from our Strategic Advisory Board members, who shared with us their experience working in microbiome industry and in science communication.
The ESRs stayed on for a second day to hear more about science outreach and to discuss the social media strategy of BestTreat.

Pre Kick Off Meeting

BestTreat is a newly funded European training network kicked off in Berlin on 22 October 2018. BestTreats aim is to understand the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) by investigating the gut microbiome. Ultimately this will lead to new means to diagnose and treat NAFLD. During the first meeting of the consortium discussed the research, training and recruitment strategies. Over the next months the ESRs be hired and we are looking forward to the Kick Off meeting in spring where everyone involved will get together.

BestTreat press release

The BestTreat press release can be found here.

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